[Appel à contributions] Multimodal experimentation in communication and learning. Ways to rethink literacy

Appel à contribution : Multimodal experimentation in communication and learning. Ways to rethink literacy

Volume de la revue  » Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios en Diseño y Comunicación« , Faculty of Design and Communication. University of Palermo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In sum, this exposition leads us to think of literacy as a dynamic process, which is shaped and reshaped throughout life span in different areas of practice (Bazerman, 2014), simultaneously calling for more than one graphic semiotic mode. We are interested in discursive forms as varied as drawing, writing, numerical notation, cartoons, comics, photography, among others. Undertaking such a challenge is only possible from a perspective that integrates diverse but necessarily complementary disciplinary approaches.
The aim of this Cuaderno is to bring together in a single volume studies that address literacy in the broad sense outlined above, drawing on a variety of cases, situations and methods. This will enable a more complex and dense understanding of the communicational and cognitive processes involved.

Axis 1 Experimentation, tensions and ruptures between convention and innovation in graphic production

Axis 2 Multimodal approaches and experiences in the process of meaning making

Axis 3 Dynamics and contexts of production, circulation and appropriation

Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 14 août 2017
Langues : anglais, espagnol
Modalités de soumission: “ Authors should send an abstract containing between 6000 and 8000 characters including spaces. It can be presented in Spanish or English and must include four keywords. The file should be saved with a keyword. Any direct reference to authorship or institutional membership should be suppressed.

Contact : cuadernos2018-alfabetizacion@gmail.com

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